Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Update:Fraud: Penn State Right-To-Know Report 2010

As I originally reported last Friday, Penn State failed  this year to report the compensation of family members of trustees, officers and key employees in its Commonwealth mandated Right-To-Know Report . And I argued that Old Main's rationale for doing so didn't pass the smell test. The failure was clearly done in bad faith.

Today Adam Smeltz at reports that Old Main is still studying the matter.
Penn State's legal counsel is reviewing whether the university needs to report more specific information in its annual Right-to-Know report, spokesman Geoff Rushton confirmed Wednesday.
This is a no-brainier. The language in the instructions for IRS Schedule L, a component of the Right-to-Know Report,  is very plain. Old Main's excuse is in direct contradiction with it. Why the delay in correcting this thing?

My guess is that Old Main's plan, now that they've been  caught cheating, is to drag their feet  and hope that it goes away.

Keep the fire to their feet Adam.

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