Friday, June 04, 2010

Graham "Dictator For Life" Spanier

This just in from The Penn State Propaganda Portal.
Penn State's Board of Trustees has agreed with President Graham Spanier on a three-year extension of his existing contract, keeping him at the helm of one of the nation's leading research universities until 2015.
Until now, I haven't suggested that  Old Main was trying to hide something when it intentionally failed to report the business dealings and compensation received by family members of trustees, officers and key employees in its recently released Commonwealth mandated Right-To-Know Report 2010. I've chocked it up to Graham's fundamental hatred of answering to anybody.

With the timing of the announcement of this reappointment, I'm beginning to think that the trustees are standing behind Graham because  he is committed to hiding  their self-dealings. There is no evidence of such self-dealing, but Old Main is withholding the source of any such potential evidence.

Is the board corrupt? Release the data, that by law you are required to release, and let us, the public,  be the judge.

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