Friday, May 28, 2010

Penn State's 2010 Right-To-Know Report is Deficient

I'm still working on converting  the scanned pdf to a searchable one. Hence a full analysis is a ways off, but as I was going over the filing last night I noticed at least one  deficiency in the report.

On page 4, Old Main answered yes to Question 28 b: During the tax year, did any person who is a current or former officer director, trustee or key employee have a family member who had  a direct or indirect business relationship  with the organization? By answering yes, the University is required to fill out schedule L which details the relationship. They didn't.  For example, the salary of Sandra Spanier, Graham's wife, must be reported on Schedule L. It wasn't. I'm not clear on the concept of key employee, but JoPa would seem to fit the bill. If that's true, then JayPa's salary must be  reported on Schedule L. But nothing was reported on Schedule L...Nada...

I'm sure I'll have more to say once my conversion project is complete.,

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