Sunday, June 06, 2010

Spanier Has 'Overwhelming Support' For Contract Extension, Aide Says; Or Does He?

Is the BOT "overwhelmingly"  behind Graham as Penn State Bullshit Artist Lisa Powers insisted to Adam Smeltz yesterday? Maybe. Maybe not. Here's why it's unknowable. 

According to the BOT Standing Order IX (1)(f)(5),
Expectations of Membership. In exercising the responsibilities of trusteeship, the Board of Trustees is guided by the expectations of membership, each of which is equally important:...Speak openly within the Board and publicly support decisions reached by the Board.
I believe in legal circles that's called the toe-the-line rule. Since the BOT Standing Order VII(13)(a) allows the Board to meet in secret when considering employment matters, those "within the Board" discussions about Graham will never be heard outside the Board. Any dissent  "within the Board" gets channeled into high blood pressure.

So the next time you're talking to a Trustee and they start telling you what a super guy Graham is and how they never tire of him pulling a nickle out of their ear and how lucky the University is to have his services and what a great racquetball player he is and on and on and on, shake your head knowingly and smile, because you know Penn State  puts the bot in BOT.

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