Sunday, June 06, 2010

Who Decided to Give Graham More Time?

In my rush to snark the other day, I failed to note some interesting tidbits in Adam Smeltz's story on Graham's lifetime presidential appointment. Here's one: Who exactly is charged with deciding  Graham's future?
[Penn State Bullshit Artist Lisa] Powers said a small committee of trustees considers presidential contract extensions in consultation with other board members. The committee includes the board chairman or chairwoman, the vice chair, the immediate past chair and the chair of the board's Committee on Finance and Physical Plant.
Who holds these position at this time?
These are the people to blame.

With the exception of Garban who is an alumni trustee, all of these people are business and industry trustees and Garban, as Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations/Treasurer Emeritus of The Pennsylvania State University, is an Old Main insider. There is no one representing the interests of the working people of the Commonwealth who it is the University is supposed to serve ....and it shows.

And why might Graham sellout the interests of the working class? Well, here's an interesting fact. John P. Surma is CEO/Chairman of Board/President/Director US Steel and Graham is a Director of US Steel. ...and drumroll please...In 2009, the compensation for a  director of US Steel was $171,000.00 and the previous year it was $270,980.00. That didn't show up on this years RTK report. You see it is so much more lucrative to serve the interests of the fat cats than it is to serve the interests of working people. And by show'in Graham a little lov'in, Surma might get a little lov'in back from Graham.

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