Monday, June 07, 2010

The Outside Legal Counsel That Aided the Trustees in Determining Graham's Compensation is....

Like I said below, Adam Smeltz's piece on Graham's contract extension is full of nice little tidbits. For example, the Trustees used
...the services of outside legal counsel, [Penn State Bullshit Artist Lisa]Powers said, to help them gauge fair-market value and demand as they set presidential compensation.
The truth is I don't know who the outside legal counsel is. But shortly after I put up the post, Who Decided to Give Graham More Time?,  the blog had a visit from the Cleveland office of the law firm Baker and Hostetler. Here's a screen capture.
It just so happens that one of Baker and Hostetler's areas of practice is executive compensation.

That doesn't mean that Baker and Hostetler is the outside legal counsel used by the Trustees. Heck, someone  over in the Cleveland office may have been trying to check up on the competition. But if they were the outfit  used by the BOT that would go along way in explaining the Trustees' decision.

You see, some of the lawyers over a Baker and Hostetler might have trouble spotting a con artist.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Most people don't fall for the African inheritance scam where a huge sum of money sits in a foreign bank account waiting to be claimed -- but at a price.
But some do.
Nine people, including several from the Cleveland area, sued a Solon woman and two lawyers this week claiming they duped the plaintiffs into helping the woman recover $14.5 million left behind in the African nation of Burkina Faso.
The lawsuit, filed in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, claims Willia Burton and two attorneys from Baker Hostetler in Cleveland persuaded the plaintiffs to give her more than $1 million. The money was for legal fees and other payments necessary to recover the inheritance left to Burton by her father. Each contributor was promised "a huge return," the lawsuit states.
It's been five years and none of the nine has seen a dime.
Food for thought, anyway.

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