Friday, June 26, 2009


Things have been quiet around Old Main this Spring and as I suggested at the end of this post, it maybe that the folks were hunkering down waiting to see what happens with the budget maneuvering in Harrisburg. With the July 1rst deadline looming, the state budget battle is heating up. Today Governor Rendell suggested a 13% cut to the Penn State budget which someone in the Old Main Propaganda Shop described as "catastrophic."

It is too soon to tell how things will play out in the budget negotiations, but it is now certainly nail biting time. What happens if the cuts go through? Will Old Main hike tuition more than the 4.5% that it suggested in March? ....more than the 5.5% it originally proposed? Or will Old Main begin to layoff staff and non-tenure track faculty? Will it halt infrastructure work? Certainly if the cut goes through we will see what type of leader Graham really is.

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