Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yeah, We Have a COI Policy. No! Absolutely Not! We Can't Let People See It.... Don't Be Silly!

Last year Penn State refused to participate in an evaluation of conflict of interest policies at medical centers conducted by the American Medical Student Association. That earned Penn State a grade of an F on the rankings. Penn State participated this year and earned a B. That's pretty good. It's still not as good as University of Pittsburgh Medical Center or the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine each of which earned one of only 9 A's out of 150 ranked medical centers, but it's much better than the D which Temple University School of Medicine received.

Oddly, the Penn State Propaganda Portal hasn't seen fit to mention this just yet. Last year it was understandable that they didn't broadcast their failure. But a B is respectable, you'd think they'd spin this for all it's worth. Perhaps, they don't want to draw attention to fact that they are still in the shadow of Penn and Pitt or maybe the folks in Old Main are too preoccupied by the budget maneuvering in Harrisburg to be bothered with this. Who knows?

One final thing, which won't be a surprise to anyone who knows how Old Main operates, Penn State would not allow their conflict of interest policies to be published or quoted from by AMSA. It looks more and more like Graham and Dick Cheney are soulmates.

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