Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Binge of Drinking Posts

A new study of binge drinking at Washington University School of Medicine has found that following the raising of drinking age to 21 the rate of binge drinking in men has declined, but for women it has slightly increased.  Here's the kicker,
The biggest surprises involved differences between college students and men and women of the same age not enrolled in college. Binge drinking declined in young men, unless they were in college. It was up slightly in young women, but significantly higher in college women.
Among 18- to 20-year-old non-college men, binge drinking declined by more than 30% over the study period, whereas it was statistically unchanged among the men in college. For men ages 21 to 23, rates of binge drinking declined just more than 10 percent but remained virtually the same in those of the same age who attended college. In women ages 21 to 23, binge drinking increased about 20 percent among non-students, but the increase was more than 40 percent among women in college.
This suggests that Penn State and other schools with drinking problems should look inward , not outward, when looking for the cause and solution to their drinking problems.

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