Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penn State Legal Expenses 2007-2008: Loose Knots on Some Loose Ends

I wanted to tie up a couple of loose ends from my earlier post on Penn State legal expenses.  There were several entities which received payment from Penn State which I thought likely were settlements for lawsuits.  I haven't documented any legal proceedings which may have resulted in those payments, but I've got some idea of what's going on two of the payments. One was a payment to Rad Technology LLC in the amount of $281,000 and the other was a payment to PSRP Developers in the amount of $11,873. Both are likely the result of some sort of contract dispute.

Rad Techonology built a radiation treatment vault for Hershey Medical Center (scroll down) and for which it was payed $2,091,439 in 2005-2006. Last year's legal payment very likely was tied to this.

PSRP Developers built and manages a building at Penn State's Inovation Park. It has received regular payments from the University for several years. (Go take a look a the Stairs Reports over to your right.) It is likely that the legal payment for 2007-2008  was tied to a lease or property dispute of some sort.

As always, if you have more detailed information about thses matters leave it in comments or email me.

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