Thursday, May 28, 2009

Penn State Legal Expenses 2007-2008

When I discovered the Stairs Reports a few years ago, the first thing that came to my mind was that I could get an upper bound on the amount Penn State spent on legal settlements by subtracting the amount paid to McQuaide-Blasko, the University's General Counsel, from total legal expenses. How tight those bounds are is anybody's guess. But with the release of Penn State's 2007-2008 Financial Report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, we see explicitly what lawsuits cost the University that fiscal year.

Here a table of Penn State legal expenses derived from the Financial Report.

Penn State Legal Expenses 2007-2008

Most of payments are to law firms, but a few non-law firm payments stand out. There is the payment of $400,000 to John R. Hancock which is almost certainly part or all of a settlement to a 2005 Federal Civil Rights/Employment lawsuit which he filed against the University.

Another payment which got my attention is the $281,000 payment to Rad Technology LLC. I haven't found any information on a lawsuit that this company may have filed, but I haven't tried that hard. It's fair bet that this is a settlement to a lawsuit and it is also a fair bet that the $44,915 paid to McQuaide-Blasko by the Office of Physical Plant was for defending that suit.

Anyway, I will leave it to my readers to dig a little deeper on Rad Technology, PSRP Developers, Randy Tice, and the others that have received payments which may be the result of lawsuits. You can leave what you find in comments or you can email me your findings.

Have fun.

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