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Penn State Right-To-Know Report 2009: Salary and Compensation Data

[Update: 06/02/10 7:20 pm. The 2010 data is here.]
OK, I've avoided a discussion of the salary and compensation data in the Penn State Right-To-Know Report. The only part of the report which truly contains significant new information and the part in which everyone else has been interested. Well, I'm ready to put my own two cents worth in, but in separate posts. This post contains only the data itself for fiscal year 2007-2008.

Contributions to Employee Benefits &
Deferred Compensation Plan
Expense Accounts & Other Allowances
Joe Paterno
Head Football Coach
Robert Harbaugh
Chair Dept. of Neurosurgery
Alan Brechbill
Exec. Dir. MSHMC
Ed Dechellis
Head Basketball Coach
Peter DillonChair Dept. of Surgery

Table 1. Compensation and Salary of the Five Highest Paid Non-officers (pp. 29, 32 RTK Report)

Contributions to Employee Benefits &
Deferred Compensation Plan
Expense Accounts & Other Allowances
Graham Spanier
Rodney Erickson
Exec. VP & Provost
Rod Kirsch
Sr VP Development$320,004/
Harold Paz
Eva Pell
Sr VP Research
Gary Schultz
Sr. VP Finance

Table 2. Compensation and Salary of Officers (pp. 28, 31 RTK Report)

Robert HarbaughChair Department of Neurosurgery$672,386
John MyersStaff Physician Pediatric Surgery$578,928
Joe Paterno
Head Football Coach
Peter DillonChair Dept. of Surgery$527,284
Jonas Sheehan
Staff Physician Neurosurgery
Carlo de LunaStaff Physician Neurosurgery
Kevin BlackChair Orthopaedics/
Alan BrechbillExecutive Director
John ReidStaff Physician
Kathleen EggliChair Department of Radiology$478,522
Mario GonzalezStaff Physician Electrophysiology$460,030
Akash AgarwalStaff Physician Neurosurgery$458,361
David GoodspeedStaff Physician Orthopaedics$458,038
Thomas TerndrupChair Emergency Medicine$457,493
Berend MetsChair Department of Anesthesiology$446,177
David QuillenChair Department of Ophthamology
Thomas LoughranDirector of Penn State Cancer Institute$430,743
John RepkeChair Obstetrics/
Kevin CockroftStaff Physician Neurosurgery
Henry WagnerStaff Physician Radiation Oncology$412,012
Walter KoltunStaff Physician Colorectal Surgery$410,025
Ross DecterStaff Physican Urology$400,020
Walter PaeStaff Physician Surgery$400,020
Robert AberChair Department of Medicine$393,447
Lawrence SinowayDirector Penn State Heart & Vascular Institute$382,464

Table 3. Top 25 Salaries to non-officers (p. 32 RTK Report)

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