Saturday, March 07, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Times are tough. No raises are likely next year Graham has said. Governor Rendell doesn't understand that Penn State needs more money than has been proposed and tuition will have to go up, Graham has told the General Assembly. It's so sad. These are hard times. That mean old Rendell has left Penn State out of his Tuition Relief Act and Graham isn't happy. What's a prexy to do to brighten up his day? How about a shopping spree?
Penn State Lehigh Valley announced today the planned purchase of a property located at 2809 East Saucon Valley Road in Center Valley, pending approval of the Board of Trustees...


"This is certainly a rare opportunity to more effectively serve the needs of the students in the Lehigh Valley. This purchase provides a more cost-effective solution than others we have previously explored," said Penn State President Graham Spanier. "It was important that we evaluated our priorities to be sure we were doing what is best for Penn State and its students."
How tough are times exactly?

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