Thursday, March 05, 2009

Did the CDT make a Half Gainer Off the Frying Pan into the Fire This Afternoon?

The Centre Daily Times announced this afternoon that Adrian Pratt has resigned as its publisher and that he will immediately be replaced by CDT advertising executive Susan D. Leath. While the paper has occasionally had its moments, it is not a bastion of hard hitting reporting. There is no reason to belive that the new publisher, whose entire background is in marketing, will strengthen the paper's reporting.

Take a look at this
...Leath, who will continue to oversee the newspaper's advertising operations in her new role, said she was excited by the opportunities ahead.

"Despite economic challenges nationally, the Centre County region remains strong," she said. "We are home to Penn State University, have the lowest unemployment rate in the state, home values continue to grow, automotive sales are outpacing national trends and our local banks are solid.

"As for the future, it will be up to what we all do with this moment in history," she said. "As a change agent, I truly believe this is a great moment to lead. The Centre Daily Times has a talented group of dedicated professionals committed to proving quality news and information. We are innovators who are constantly seeking new ideas to better serve the community."

It think it is reasonable to be concerned that  she may let her advertising responsibilities interfere with her publishing decisions. 

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It's probably less than a coincidence that the eponymously monikered "" was at McClatchy-level meetings last week. Whether or not he was observed with which exec (or spouse) in exactly what compromising position is purely speculation.