Saturday, February 28, 2009


This headline is not a reference to oral sex written by an editor with only tangential knowledge of common vulgarities, which is even weirder than if it were.

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Ryan said...

Well, I mean, you would phrase it differently?

"...for consuming woman's feline"?

"...for digesting woman's pet"?

I mean, at least he put "cat" and not, you know, something else.

Veblen said...

Let's see, Ryan, perhaps the editor could have written,"...killing and eating woman's cat." I think that would have wrung the humor out of the whole thing.

Ryan said...

Perhaps, but it was the phrase "eating woman's cat" that, I imagine, got your gears turning in the first place. I don't know if adding "killing" would have wrung what you call "humor" out of the headline. I saw that headline before you pointed it out, and I certainly didn't make that connection to begin with. I've seen worse.

Veblen said...

You're right Ryan, I lack your finally tuned sensibilities.

Ryan said...

No, no, don't be so hard on yourself, "Veblen". What you really lack is a sense for newsworthy stories, of which this is not one.

What you DON'T lack, I will admit, is a remarkable pomposity; for example, anybody who thinks highly enough of themselves to hide their identity out of a delusion that the University would care enough to retaliate against a few pithy blog posts must be a real ass.

Do you always unleash the same snark usually reserved for Spanier on readers who try to make an innocent joke? If so, I would recommend finding your own sense of humor before commenting on the lack of one by somebody else.

Veblen said...

You know what Ryan, you are right; I shouldn't have engaged in a snarkfest over a trivial throw away post.

You clearly read this blog fairly often, which is appreciated. I invite you to comment on my other more substantial posts. I don't guarantee that I won't push back were you to do so,in fact, I assure you that I almost certainly would. However, I would hope that an informed and honest debate would strengthen and refine my ideas without diminishing yours.

As a gesture of my good faith, I'm adding your blog Happy Valley Cynic to my student blogroll.

By the way, this invitation to comment extends to all of my readers.