Friday, September 01, 2006

Having It Both Ways, That Is the Penn State Way.

I would like to correct the record. Tim Curley wasn't making an empty boast when he said, "Penn State is pleased and proud to be recognized annually as one of the nation's finest hosts to this tradition,..." There is in fact some basis for making this claim. In 2005 Sports Illustrated ranked Penn State as first in the nation for football tailgates. The honor was based on an online poll. Penn State coveted this honor and was proud of it when it was garnered. This can be seen from the fact that the propaganda portal Penn State Live encouraged voting and celebrated the victory.

Clearly, being recognized for tailgating was consider a marketing plus and no one appeared bothered by the unscientific nature of the online poll. Contrast this
Tyson Kendig's take on the Princeton Review ranking of Penn State as the number two party school in the nation.

Mr. Kendig also questioned the legitimacy of the survey.

"It's really an insignificant ranking," he said, "and it discredits itself by not being scientifically based. It's essentially an online poll.

The validity of a particular ranking is only of concern to Penn State when they think it is bad for their image.

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