Saturday, September 02, 2006

How PSU PR Works.

The Penn State pr counterattack on the Princeton Review ranking is meeting with some success. The partial ban on alcohol at football games is garnering misleading headlines which make it appear that Penn State has put a total ban into place. Here is the headline from MSNBC.
New rule forbids drinking at tailgates during Penn State games
That one is technically accurate, but most people who glance at it will still think that the ban is total. Here is how the San Francisco Gate played the story.
Drinking Banned at Penn State Tailgates.
That one is just false.

For the most part these are reprints of the AP story which does by the second paragraph give the correct information.
Hoping to cut down on underage drinking and create a safer post-game environment, Penn State is banning alcohol at parking lot tailgate parties during football games inside Beaver Stadium.

Imbibing before kickoff and after the final whistle, though is still OK.

Nonetheless, it is the headlines which most people will note and Old Main knows this.

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