Friday, August 13, 2010

In Our Backyard

Things may not be going too well next door.

LOCK HAVEN - Faced with declining state financial support, Lock Haven University has told its faculty union that layoffs - or retrenchment, in bargaining terms - are possible.

The school has until Oct. 31 to notify the 264 professor-faculty members of the local chapter of the Association of Pennsylvania State Colleges and Universities Faculties if job cuts will be made.

In a prepared statement issued to The Express, university Interim President Dr. Barbara B. Dixon said, "As part of its ongoing actions to address projected budget shortfalls in the next three years ... retrenchment cannot be ruled out during the 2011-2012 academic year because of financial considerations, elimination or consolidation of academic programs and courses, program curtailment or other reasons."

The announcement was sent by letter to Dr. Mark Cloud, local APSCUF chapter president.

This is a reminder that the  worst of the Great Recession may still be ahead of us and that it may hit closer to home next year when the stimulus funds for higher education dry up.

Housekeeping Update: I've upgraded my hardware and now I'm in the process of getting everything just right.  Over the weekend, I should finally be getting around to redesign of Left of Centre. In the meantime, blogging will remain light.

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