Sunday, August 08, 2010

Housekeeping Note

Blogging will be light this week. I'm in need of a long overdue hardware upgrade that  I hope to accomplish sometime this week.  Faster hardware, I'm hoping, will greatly improve my productivity.

Once the hardware is upgraded, I'm planning on a redesign of the blog. I have heard complaints  about how hard the white on black is to read and I'm finally going to do something about it. My overall goal in the redesign is to have the look of the blog to be similar to  my Twitter homepage.   There will be a tiled background image like the one on Twitter.  And the color palette will be the same.  Go over to Twitter (Link fixed.) and let me  know in comments  what you think about the color palette in general and its readability in particular.

In addition, Blogger now has static pages on to which I'll be moving much of the material in the two right hand  columns. I'll add a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the blog from which the pages will be accessed.

If any big stories break, like Graham announces that he's chucking it all and joining the circus, I'll be sure to post. Otherwise don't expect much until at least the second half of the week.

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