Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Talk

How's Penn State's fund raising going? If you relied on the Penn State Propaganda Portal , you'd likely answer great.
Penn State received a record number of donations in fiscal 2008-09, and more alumni than ever made gifts to the University during the year, the Board of Trustees learned today (July 10).

This broad-based philanthropy totaled $182 million in gifts for the year, the second-highest total in Penn State's history, noted Peter Tombros, volunteer chair of the University's capital campaign, in a report to the board.
Wow, people must really love the University.... $182 million... second-highest total in Penn State history...I

Ok, let's take a closer look at the number. You can find the data on giving to Penn State over the past ten years here. I've converted the nominal dollar amounts to 2009 dollars. The graph below contains both the nominal and 2009 dollar amounts.

I'd say things haven't been too good recently. Fund raising is flat over the past two years and the nominal maximum in 2007 is only the sixth largest amount in constant dollars. This hardly justifies the headline on the Propaganda Portal
Philanthropy to Penn State sets records, despite recession
It's just more happy talk and yet one more reason to be skeptical of every utterance coming out of Old Main.Technorati

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