Friday, May 08, 2009

EFCA: Feinstein and Specter Work on a Compromise

It looks like Snarlin' Arlen's own employment future has lead him to reconsider his recent opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act. He and Senator Diane Feinstein are working on a compromise bill which would  replace card check with a secret absentee-ballot-like provision. On first blush, it sounds promising.

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Fitz said...

I don't think that the EFCA isn't really something that should be compromised on though. I like the idea of a mail-in ballot, but I don't see why there has to be an exclusive relationship between that and majority sign-up. I'm also worried about understaffing and underfunding at the NLRB. It's not like the EFCA would take away the secret ballot anyways: If 30% of the workforce wants a secret election, that's what they get.

I'm a little concerned about the arbitration removal, but if it's not in the passed EFCA I wouldn't be shocked. Disappointed, maybe, but I think labor might be willing push for that at a later date if they need to.