Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hobgoblin: I'm Guessing That This Isn't What Emerson Had in Mind

Way back in January campus right wing loudmouth Tom Shakely was all for the Commonwealth going into debt to pay for his half-cooked idea of re-instituting Tuition Challenge Grants for Penn State students.
Despite the deficit, Shakely is confident the program could still work.

"The bottom line is that the government has proved it doesn't have a problem with deficit spending," Shakely said.
Of course, Tom was a bit confused about the difference between the Federal government, which can run a deficit, and Pennsylvania state government, which can't, but nonetheless he was fine with deficit spending.

Today the Federal government is on the verge of borrowing some money to, in part, fund higher education and Tom is all for the idea. No,No... I'm just kidding. Here he is this week. (H/T Onward State)
Congress very well may sentence our young people to a two-fold punishment with this bill: first, to suffer institutions of higher education less affordable, and second, to bear the responsibility of footing the bill for this borrowed, $1 trillion “stimulus.”
You have to admire that he can do this without his head exploding while he types.

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