Thursday, February 12, 2009

Graham Places Russell Athletics on Double Super Secret Probation

Since I first noted that the University of Wisconsin  responded to Russell Athletics' unfair labor practices by canceling their licensing contracts with the company,  other universities have followed suit. Today the Collegian reports that Penn State will take a different approach to the problem. Old Main has placed Russell Athletics on Double Super Secret Probation.
"We made a decision several weeks ago to put Russell on probation. We informed them more recently of our deadline for addressing issues that have been identified and for answering questions we posed to them," Penn State President Graham Spanier wrote in an e-mail. "Their response will determine whether we renew our relationship with them."
How does this Double Super Secret Probation work, you ask? It's simple. Old Main demands that Russell comply with ten remedial steps in a Fair Labor Association report on Russell's practices in the Honduran plant in question or else the University will cancel its contract with the apparel maker.

Well OK, not exactly. Old Main wants the company to provide a written timeline for complying with the steps in the report. The University will then renew the contract. So it's basically allowing Russell to promise to fix things. Penn State will sign a new contract with the company based on this promise and by the next time the contract is up for renewal everyone will have forgotten about this little incident. Pretty neat uh? It's even more underhanded than Harvey.

This is what Graham's weaselly leadership looks like.

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