Monday, February 16, 2009

GT's Big Move

Full-time Republican Whip and part-time performance artist Eric Cantor has tasked a group of House Republicans with establishing fundamental, long-term solutions designed to rebuild the American economy and to create jobs in the in stronger partnership with the private sector.

Let's review some of his more memorable set pieces in the lead up to the unified House Republican opposition to the stimulus legislation.

On January 22 on "The Early Show," Cantor wanted to meet with Obama [Update 2/18/09: The link is dead. Here's the Google Cache.] to discuss his concerns with parts of the then $825 billion stimulus bill. What gave Mr. Cantor pause.?
He singled out a provision for weatherizing poor people's homes, causing it a worthy goal but saying it does nothing to create new jobs.
...because weatherizing homes requires no labor. That's a pretty weak reason to oppose the bill.

But that whole weatherizing thing must have really bothered Eric, because on January 28 he and House Minority Leader John Boehner announced in a House GOP meeting that that they wanted "100 percent” opposition to the recovery package and no one in their caucus objected.

On the other hand, it may have been more than just weatherizing that worried Eric. There was that CBO report. He kept telling people that a CBO report said the stimulus is not stimulative. This was based on a preliminary report which did not look at the entire stimulus package and was contradicted by a latter full CBO report. Eric kept on pimping this canard even after the full report was issued. Maybe Eric has trouble reading.

Or just maybe Eric takes his cues from Rush. The same day that Eric and John told the GOP caucus that they wanted total opposition to the bill Eric played straight man to Rush on Rush's show.
LIMBAUGH: You could call this the “porkulus.”

CANTOR: Right. (laughing) Let me tell you something. It is porkulus. That’s a great description.

Eric really shouldn't hang around that profane old Rush; he's such a bad influence. How else can we explain the profanity laced video that Eric, an anti-obscenity crusader, sent out in response to a AFSCME video targeting conservatives trying to block the stimulus package.

Do you wonder How did Eric get that total opposition that he was looking for from the House GOP? A small amount of pressure never hurt, I guess.

After the passage of the stimulus Eric has begun to look for a role model to guide him in the future. He is considering two options. The failed former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and a Winston Churchill who never existed-don't get me wrong I know Churchill existed, but the version of Churchill that Eric imagines never existed.

This brings me back to that group of GOP House members that Eric has whipped up to study this economic crisis. Our very own Glenn Thompson is one of its members. Remember GT. Here's his explaination of the unanimous House GOP vote against the stimulus bill
Every member made their own decision and decided to vote against the bill. It was nice to see that we were all united.

Yep, sure thing GT. Joseph Cao is the perfect example of how individual House Republicans made their own decisions.

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