Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rendell Isn't an Oenophile

Pennsylvania's budget outlook for next year doesn't look good. Governor  Rendell had previously predicted a $1.6 billion shortfall this fiscal year. Today he said it now looks more like it will be  a $1.9 billion.

Mr. Rendell didn't release details on what steps he will take to make up for the additional $300 million in lost revenue, but said he will do so soon.

"This is the worse national recession we have had since the Depression" of the 1930s, Mr. Rendell said. "We have to be ready" by reducing numerous state programs.

"We will have to cut many programs,'' including some in agriculture, he said.

He repeated his previous statement that "there can't be any whining" by people who see their state funding reduced. "It's a fact of life."

In addition to the cuts needed to balance this year's $28.3 billion state budget, he also said there will be more pain involved as the Legislature works with him to enact the state's fiscal 2009-10 budget, for the year which begins July

Whining? ...Whining?....I wonder who he had in mind?

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