Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Name is Graham. I'll be Your Sommelier For the Evening.

Governor Rendell unveiled his budget proposal for the fiscal year 2008-2009 (huge pdf) this afternoon and Penn State celebrated the event by serving up a little whine.
Governor proposes less than 1 percent increase for Penn State
That was the headline on the Penn State Propaganda Portal. Of course, as anyone who has been reading this blog for any time could guess, the headline isn't accurate. There are several components to the Penn State appropriation. The crucial one from the stand point of undergraduate education is the Educational and General fund which will receive a 1.5% increase. The Portal does eventually get around to this information.

Here's some additional information. All of the state-related schools, Penn State, Pitt, Temple, and Lincoln, receive a 1.5% increase in their Educational and General fund in the proposal. The state-owned schools are slated to see a 3.0% increase and the non-state-related universities and colleges, Drexel, Penn, Thomas Jefferson University, ...., are facing in aggregate a possible 15.4% decline in their state funding.

So Graham, put a cork in it. Things could have been somewhat better, then again they could have been much, much,much worse.

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