Sunday, December 07, 2008

Who Writes This Stuff?

The headline and lede on this story are, shall we say, a bit misleading.
Rice was President George W. Bush's national security adviser when the war began in 2003. She says it wasn't former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's fault that things went badly when the U.S. began to occupy Iraq after driving out Saddam.

She says military operations went very well in removing Saddam from power. But she says the U.S. did not have what she calls the right structure in place to handle the occupation.

Rice says the Bush administration put a single department — the Pentagon — in charge of running Iraq. Rice — who's now secretary of state — says that wasn't the right approach.

Rice made her comments on "Fox News Sunday."

Rice is saying that it was her fault for letting Rumsfeld fuck things up. That's not taking responsibility.

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