Saturday, September 13, 2008

Does Size Matter?

It seems that the McCain campaign has been lying about the size of the crowds that have been drawn to McCain-Palin rallies. 
Senator John McCain has drawn some of the biggest crowds of his presidential campaign since adding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to his ticket on Aug. 29. Now officials say they can't substantiate the figures McCain's aides are claiming.

McCain aide Kimmie Lipscomb told reporters on Sept. 10 that an outdoor rally in Fairfax City, Virginia, drew 23,000 people, attributing the crowd estimate to a fire marshal.

Fairfax City Fire Marshal Andrew Wilson said his office did not supply that number to the campaign and could not confirm it. Wilson, in an interview, said the fire department does not monitor attendance at outdoor events


...The McCain campaign said 10,000 people showed up at the Consol Energy Arena in Washington, Pennsylvania, home of the Washington Wild Things baseball team.

The campaign attributed that estimate, and several that followed, to U.S. Secret Service figures, based on the number of people who passed through magnetometers.

``We didn't provide any numbers to the campaign,'' said Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service. Wiley said he would not ``confirm or dispute'' the numbers the McCain campaign has given to reporters.

What's this bullshit all about? Well, part of it is that immature boys have always lied about size because of insecurity and part of it, I think, is about motivating  a troglodyte base demoralized by the large crowds that Obama has been able to attract.  Crowds which the troglodytes once mocked.

And it has been effective. Take a look at how a member of our local band of troglodytes has responded as if someone had put lithium in his drinking water (here and here). 

This trodlodyte also gives the game away when he posted pictures from the Consol Energy  Park Rally and complained about the seating arrangements. They situated the stage so that the bleacher would be behind it thus assuring that the TV cameras would be pointed at full bleacher seats. The crowd in front of the stage was underwhelming. A more reasonalbe arrangement for the convienence of those attending the rally would have been to place the stage at second base facing the stands, but then the folks at home would have seen only an empty outfield. Let's call the arrangement they used a video codpiece.

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