Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humoring Them. Let Them Think It's Their Own Idea

Graham must be somewhat concerned about the impact of the new facilities fee on his brand, because last night he engaged in a little public relations with at a UPUA meeting.

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) passed a resolution last night to create a student-based organization that will ultimately decide how the money from a new fee will be spent.

The decision on the facilities fee was made at the first UPUA general assembly meeting of the semester. The facilities fee is a $50 per semester tax students pay to fund the construction of new projects on campus. Next year the fee will rise to $100 per semester.

University President Graham Spanier spoke before the vote was made to offer his support to the group and their efforts.

Of course, he's in favor of this student-based group. It was Old Main's idea.
The facilities fee will grow by no more than the increased rate of tuition in subsequent years, noted [interim vice president for student affairs Gail] Hurley. In addition, an advisory group that includes student representation will provide input to help senior administrators determine the priorities for applying funds generated by the facilities fee. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees approves major building and renovation projects proposed by the administration.
The big difference here is that UPUA wants the group to have the ultimate say on how the fee is used and Graham wants some student window dressing to validate his own decisions.

Last night Graham was patting the little girls and boys on their heads while telling them sure you can have your pretend group. Now go out and play.

Guys you were played for suckers when the fee was implemented and you are being played for suckers once again.

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