Saturday, May 17, 2008

All His Weaselly Goodness

As I noted in the previous post, elected student leaders weren't too happy with the idea of the new facilities fee. Here's how the Penn State Propaganda Portal described the process by the fee came into existence.
Division of Student Affairs leaders have held several discussions with student organization representatives since January to explain the rationale for the fee and to receive their input. Feedback from these sessions was reviewed by Penn State President Graham Spanier, who decided, in consultation with other senior administrators, to move forward with the fee as the most viable option to address these facility issues.
See in SpanierLandTM, there there wasn't any dissent. There was only....let's call it feedback.

Now that the fee is a done deal, how can students be assured that the fee will be wisely used? Again I give you the Propaganda Portal.
The facilities fee will grow by no more than the increased rate of tuition in subsequent years, noted Hurley. In addition, an advisory group that includes student representation will provide input to help senior administrators determine the priorities for applying funds generated by the facilities fee. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees approves major building and renovation projects proposed by the administration.
That's right, Graham will seek more student feedback which he will, I'm sure, promptly ignore while extolling the fact that he sought student input. The sentence which starts "Ultimately..." is the dead give away.

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