Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Reading Assignment: Why Graham Got Minerva Wrong

Last month I blogged about the Minerva project, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' research initiative in the humanities and social sciences. As you may recall, there was some concern amongst academics about research money being dispersed through the Pentagon. They had hoped that grants from Minerva would be administered by the National Science Foundation. These concerns elicited a big FU from Graham in the pages of the New York Times which I pointed out was rather in character for him.

In July's Foreign Policy, Hugh Gusterson, a professor of anthropology at George Mason University, explains why Graham got it wrong. (h/t In the Meantime) It is well worth a read.

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scottdinsmore said...

Thanks for the h/t and the comment. Glad you're following these issues also. Do you think the National Science Foundation administration of Minerva would sufficiently separate the interests of the DOD and scholars?