Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something's Rank

Top 100 wow that's impressive. But, top 100 what? Hottest Nurses?

With an uninformative headline like that you gotta figure that the folks in the Old Main propaganda shop are up to something. And you'd be right. This has nothing to do with the quality of care at Hershey. Nope, Hershey made the list of Top 100 hospitals on the "Community Value Index" which is put out by Cleverley + Associates, an obscure Ohio medical billing consulting firm. The consulting firm claims that the index is a measure of the financial soundness of hospitals. Well, I guess that's something.

By the way, Cleavery + Associates promotes this index as a way to sell copies of their State of the Hospital Industry Report.
To order your copy of State of the Hospital Industry - 2008 Edition, please choose if you would like an invoice for $179 per copy shipped along with your book(s), or if you would like to use our secure form to process your order now.
Do you think Hershey's ordered a few copies to encourage a similar ranking next year?

The funny thing is that when Hershey broke into the US News and World Report hospital rankings in a single category at thirty-out-of-thirty the Penn State Propaganda Portal didn't think that it was worth mentioning that Penn State was severely outperformed by both Penn and Pitt. But this time, how the other teaching hospitals in Pennsylvania fared on the ranking is deemed worth of a mention.
Penn State Hershey Medical Center is one of only seven hospitals in Pennsylvania chosen for Cleverley + Associates' Community Value Index (CVI) Top 100 list and is the only "high intensity teaching hospital" from the Commonwealth to earn the distinction.
Take that Pitt and Penn. You may have better doctors and better conflict of interest rules, but out accountants whooped your accountants' asses.

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