Monday, February 18, 2008

Is There a Manure Pile Behind Old Main? Just Askin', 'Cause I Smell Bullshit Again

To raise awareness about sweatshop conditions in a baseball cap factory with which Penn State associates, two anti-sweatshop student groups played a lively game of wiffle ball on Friday afternoon -- inside Old Main.


Bill Mahon, vice president for university relations, said Friday that the wiffle ball game was "not a smart idea" because the ball hit frescoes inside the historic landmark.

"Hitting balls at valuable artwork was a bone-headed idea," Mahon said. "You don't gain fans that way."
All that I have to say to Bill Mahon is that making unsubstantiated claims about damaging University property in a feeble attempt to silence critics is a "bone-headed idea" which doesn't "gain fans" for you.

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