Monday, February 18, 2008

I Have I Said Lately That We Should Throw Jake Corman Out of Office?

As I have previously noted the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette incorrectly or, at least, incompletely reported that the new Pennsylvania open records law covers state-related universities. The paper repeated the claim a couple of times. This Sunday it finally got around to looking a little more closely at what the law requires of the state-related universities. This time the Post-Gazette got it right.
Yet even with the new rules, Pennsylvanians will have relatively little right to see records that might show them how their largest public campus spends its state money. The same is true of Pennsylvania's three other state-related campuses -- the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University and Lincoln University -- which, along with Penn State, share more than $600 million in annual operating subsidies from the state.
Thank-you Post-Gazette for getting right. Better late than never.

Go read it. It makes a nice compaignion piece to Adam Smeltz's two very good CDT articles on the topic. (here and here)

Oh and one more thing, throw Jake Corman out of office.

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