Saturday, September 01, 2007

Condi Comes Clean

Today's NYTimes has an article on Condi's effort to shape her legacy. The article has one huge surprise in it. It turns out that one of her responsibilities, while she was the National Security Adviser during Bush's first term, was arranging sexual liaisons between Cabinet Secretaries, or as she put it,
Let me see if I can get Secretary X to do Y, and Secretary Y to do X, and let’s see if we can get both to do it.
This helps to explain the dominatrix outfit in these pictures.

However she didn't like this particular part of her job. In fact she prefers to be more submissive and likes it when others arrange liaisons for her.

“I told Steve Hadley once, I frankly prefer being coordinated than coordinating,” she said, referring to the current national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley.

The sex lives of Republicans....go figure.

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