Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Portrait of a Jock Sniffer

Penn State University President

For what it's worth Spanier has cleared up a misconception, originated in the Harrisburg Patriot-News,about where the money from the new Big Ten Network will go at Penn State. According to the Patriot-News,

...[I]f your larger concern is the strength of Penn State University, then it's hard to argue with the logic of this undertaking, especially given that the commonwealth's fiscal priorities have not, and likely will not, include much more money for the four state-related universities.

The fledgling BTN will be good for Penn State and the 10 other Big Ten Conference schools, their minor sports and their students. The revenues it will generate will be essential in an era when governments -- Pennsylvania's in particular -- are cutting back on their support for public universities.


With tuition sky-rocketing and government support dwindling, who can blame universities for wanting a piece of the entertainment action?

But we know from the Penn State Propaganda Portal that,"[t]hese proceeds will assist Big Ten Conference member institutions in operating their respective athletic programs... ." And now we have it explicitly spelled out that

Penn State remains one of a handful of universities that operates its entire intercollegiate athletics program without using state funds or tuition.

So much for the Network helping make up for lost state revenues at Penn State. I guess they will have to find another way to appease all those Penn State fans upset over Comcast not making the network a part of its extended-basic tier. Oh, oh, oh, of course... there is Spanier's one size fits all justification for anything which Penn State does.
The Network will also likely have an economic impact on the community,with television exposure creating increased attendance at sporting events and additional crew traveling to produce events.

Spanier really is just a clown, Graham the Clown, pretending to be a university president.

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