Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recognizing Execellence at the Gonzales DOJ.

From David Kurtz at TPM comes the following news on BushCo's DOJ.

To follow up on the post below about the Attorney General Awards, DOJ's highest honor, I couldn't help but notice that one of the recipients of last year's Attorney General Award for Fraud Prevention was Robert E. Coughlin, II.

Coughlin was the chief of staff to the head of DOJ's criminal division until his quiet resignation earlier this month, first reported yesterday, allegedly because he is facing scrutiny in the Jack Abramoff investigation.

The award "recognizes exceptional dedication and effort to prevent, investigate, and prosecute fraud and white collar crimes." Coughlin was part of a team honored for its work on post-Hurricane Katrina fraud.

In September, Coughlin was honored for his work on fraud and white collar crime. By the following April, he was out because of his alleged connections to the one of the largest white collar crime investigations in DOJ's history. Only in the Gonzales Justice Department.

David is a great blogger but I think that third paragraph has a typo in it. I believe it was supposed to read,
The award "recognizes exceptional dedication and effort to prevent the investigation and prosecution of fraud and white collar crimes."
Let's hope David corrects this tout de suite.

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