Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only the 109th University in the World, But the Third Party School in the Country

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings were published today. Here is how the the Big Ten schools  finished overall.
  • 15. University of Michigan
  • 25 Northwestern University
  • 33 University of Illinois Urban-Campaign
  • 43 University of Wisconsin
  • 52 University of  Minnesota
  • 66 Ohio State University
  • 106 Purdue
  • 109 Penn State
  • 122 Michigan State
  • 132 University of Iowa
  • 156 Indiana U
The Big Ten's newest addition, the University of Nebraska, didn't make the top 200 schools.

I will have more to say about this on Friday and I'll also weigh in on the recent WSJ corporate recruiter rankings of universities.

And latter this month the long awaited  NRC graduate program rankings are scheduled to be released. How will Penn State do? Old Main already knows since the data was released to univerisities earlier this week. My guess is that The Old Main Propaganda Shop is working overtime getting ready to brag and spin as needed  once the public gets a look.