Monday, August 16, 2010

Xtians Are Weird

Here's a thought provoking report from yesterday's CDT (This link will die in about two weeks, after that you  can go to News Bank, which is free online at Schlow and Pattee,  if you really want to read the whole article.).
When Dannah Gresh tries to convince 8-to 12-year-old girls about the importance of sexual purity, modesty and not blindly following peer pressure, she’ll have some new partners.

They’re animated. They’re anthropomorphic. They’re vegetables.

Gresh’s “Secret Keeper Girl Live: The Pajama Party Tour,” which will debut in State College on Tuesday, will include characters from VeggieTales, a Christian-themed animated video series that mixes pop culture references with moral themes. The video series has spawned a television series, books, CDs and two movies.

“We’re just honored out of our minds,” said Gresh, a State College resident, relationship coach and author who founded the nonprofit Pure Freedom with her husband, Bob.

VeggieTales officials approached Gresh several months ago, while she was doing a show in Nashville. The two main VeggieTales characters are Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, and their stories have included a retelling of the biblical story of Joseph (who had a gift for understanding dreams) that’s set in the Wild West, parodies “Bonanza” and focuses on the importance of overcoming hardship

A new VeggieTales character, Sweetpea Beauty, will focus on teaching girls about the importance of inner beauty, Gresh said.
The hell with Sweetpea Beauty, I'm really curious how Larry the Cucumber fits in with the promotion of sexual purity in girls and I wonder if  Larry has anything to do with the secrets which are kept.

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