Thursday, August 26, 2010

Once Obamacare Goes into Effect Maybe We Can Finally Afford to Do Something About That Terrible Hack Afflicting the Fifth District

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Well, GT is at it again, bullshitting  his constituents. I've been having a bit of a back and forth over at the CDT for the past few days over a lie filled letter GT wrote "explaining" one of his votes on energy policy. I hope to build on my comments over there for a post here sometime soon. In the meantime, let's have a go at this tweet. (By the way, the link in the tweet takes you to  the Web site of the Republican members of the  Education & Labor committee where they've posted a portion of a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. The whole article is here. )

The good news is that I don't really have to do much work to clean up the load that GT's shoveled our way, since the invaluable Kevin Drum dealt with this particular pile of bullshit yesterday.
We're not talking about university health centers here, we're talking about actual health insurance policies. And if you read through the rest of the story, you find that most students are insured through their parents' policies. According to the GAO,
"only 7 percent bought their own policies or purchased school-based
plans." Add to that the fact that so far there's no real evidence that
healthcare reform will seriously impact student health policies anyway
(colleges are merely "warning" that it might) and that a lot depends on
the rules HHS sets, which is all part of how healthcare reform is designed to work. HHS rule setting is a big part of the process and was always intended to be.

So: do I expect vast hordes of angry students descending on Capitol
Hill? No. Do I expect HHS to sit around and do nothing about this? No.
Do I expect that some reasonable set of rules will be worked out in the
end? Yes. Do I expect that critics will take any notice of the fact that
yet another scare story about healthcare reform will turn out to be
overblown and ridiculous? No indeedy.

Why does GT insist on bullshitting his constituents?