Sunday, July 11, 2010

This One's for You, psumba

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If you were ever curious about the personalty type of a Palin supporter and defender I strongly recommend that you peruse the musings of CDT commenter psumba. The anti-intellectualism, the seething resentment of educated elites, the wounded little boy, the sense of victimhood  and much more are all present in this man's comments. These  comments are hilarious and sad at the same time. Here's a recent one

 ... we certainly don't have a qualified President serving today! The job of President is largely a figurehead ... with little real power. It is often said in Washington that "the President proposes and Congress disposes". This is why changing "the system" must come from the grass roots ... from everyday people who are not captives of "the system".
The attraction of Sarah Palin is simple ... she is one of US ... who had & took the opportunity to be elected to office. She's no more perfect than any other one of us. She represents someone who is truly outside of the sphere of the "professional politicians" who have never faced the issues that we face every day. She's not from money, not a lawyer, and not from the Ivy League!
More importantly, she has lived her beliefs. Rather than abort her Down's Syndrome child, she chose to carry him and bring him into the world. I respect this. She represents that values that the founders of our country possessed ... that, now more than ever, we really need to rediscover and embrace!
In the same way that Barak Obama was symbolic of America's move to a "post-racial" era, Sarah Palin is symbolic of the rise of the common people over the professional politician. This is why she will be unfairly ruthlessly savaged by the establishment media ... and the effete class that counts you as a member.

They make a good summertime read...go have a look, you can help him believe that his sense of victimization is justified.

(Cartoon via Crooks and Liars)

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