Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Penn State Subverts the Rules

Graham recently told BlueWhite Illustrated's Phil Grosz that
I’ve always been alarmed and disconcerted by the dishonesty that we see around intercollegiate athletics. There is cheating that goes on and there is rule-breaking that goes on. It has to stop.

Just because there is a lot of pressure on coaches to win doesn’t justify any of it. People can have the opportunity to win by operating a clean program.

We do it at Penn State.
Apparently though, that deep concern for running a clean program doesn't extend to the research side of things. The New York Times reported today about the ways in which Congresscritters have found ways to get around a ban against giving earmarks to  profit-making organizations by channeling the money through nonprofits. Guess what? Penn State is a player in one of the scams.
In Pennsylvania, General Electric is likely to get as much as 80 percent of a $2 million earmark proposed by Pennsylvania State University for research on clean-burning GE locomotives. At the suggestion of the company and the university’s lobbyist, according to a Penn State professor, the university is listed as the lead player in the collaboration instead of GE, as was done previously. GE executives made a series of political contributions to Representative Kathy Dahlkemper, Democrat of Pennsylvania, days after she submitted the earmark request.
Well, Graham what do plan on doing about this?

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