Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mann Cleared

The Penn State report on the allegation of research misconduct is out and Mann has been cleared on all counts. Sometimes even Penn State does the right thing. The report is here. And you can read what the climate experts are saying at variety of places. Here are my recommendations:
  • Climate Progress runs down the long list of those who owe Mann an apology;
  • Rabett Run excerpts some what he considers the key bits of the report;
  • Deep Climate also weights in with their summary.
And finally  DESMOGBLOG  which writes,
Despite their success in elevating this nontroversy to the national level via Fox News and other right wing media, every single independent investigation of the climate scientists involved has since cleared them of any misconduct and verified the science underpinning the IPCC’s consensus position that manmade climate change is real.
Now the fun begins as the wingers pop blood vessels and spew spittle at their computer screens as they try to type WHITEWASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oh what pleasure.

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