Saturday, July 03, 2010

Layoffs Anticipated at Penn State Great Valley

There was a Friday night dump about Penn State Great Valley  from the The Penn State Propaganda Portal, which is full of talk of  "respond[ing] to the emerging needs of the region, changes in the way higher education is delivered, and opportunities for greater collaboration with other Penn State campuses in southeastern Pennsylvania." You had to read nearly to the end of the 437 word pile of bullshit to get  to the chase in the penultimate paragraph.
These changes to accommodate demand will result in some future personnel reductions in certain programming areas, particularly in the area of support staff.
BTW, changes are a comin'.
The reorganization of the Great Valley campus is part of Penn State's continuing evaluation of University programs and operations that has been ongoing for more than a decade. To date, the University has identified more than $190 million in cost savings, with plans to identify substantial additional reductions annually in the years ahead.

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