Friday, July 23, 2010

I Personally Know... a phrase which should be avoided in arguments unless you are willing to provide specific information which will allow others to judge the reliability of your personal knowledge.  Hence anonymous commenters should never use this phrase, but it is, none the less, one of the favorite means of argument amongst the ignoratti at the CDT. Here's the CDT regular Fred on unemployment benefits extensions this morning.
...Unemployment benefits are becoming the newest welfare program extended for no other reason then to persuade more voters in November to vote dem. I personally know of several unemployed folks who will not begin to look for another job until their unemployment benefits expire.

This is pretty typical stuff over there. They love their anecdotes about lazy acquaintances

The connection of welfare to unemployment benefits, as I discussed the other day, suggests that he doesn't want his  money helping out brown folks, while the anecdotes about lazy folks leads me to believe neither does he want his money helping out some guys down at the bar that he doesn't screw everyone, as far as Fred is concerned.

As an antidote to these anecdotes about the indolent, I suggest reading the The Breadline Blog written by by a former reporter for a small western Pennsylvania newspaper who was laid off from his job and is now in the ranks of the long term unemployed. The blog was featured earlier this summer in the Wall Street Journal.  The Breadline Blog will put a much different face on our current economic problems than the 'baggers want you to see.

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