Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Not Joe?

I know what you're saying to yourself after reading my last post, "Hey, Graham ain't  the right guy to be selling  STEP to working-class folks like me. Old Main shudda sent JoePa out to charm us plain-folk." 

Well, you know that was Plan A. There were supposed to be three "Evenings With Joe Paterno" this spring and before each of them, STEP was on the agenda. Unfortunately, all three of these events had to be canceled because...Well, I'll let Graham explain.
"Coach Paterno has had intestinal issues this summer that have forced him to limit his efforts to team activities and therefore some of his personal appearances have been cancelled," university president Graham Spanier said Monday night in an e-mail.
That's right, Joe hasn't been able to stop shitting himself since Graham told him he'd have to help explain to people why a 500% increase in that tax deductible kickback was really all so working-class.

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