Friday, June 11, 2010

Penn State Right-To-Know Report 2010:Revised

Old Main posted its revised Right-To-Know Report this morning. The two family members whose compensation had been left of of the original report are Sandra Spanier, Professor of English and Graham's wife, Michele Kirsch, Director of Operations for the Schreyer Honors Colleges and wife of Senior VP of Development Rod Kirsch.

Sandra Spanier's salary  the 2008 tax  year was $126,813 which placed her in the middle of the pack of full professors in the College of Liberal Arts.

Michele Kirsch's salary for the 2008 tax year was $83,171. The Stairs Report does not have the average salary of administrators in the Honors College because there are only three and the in categories with three or less employees no data is given. However,  in the other academic support units the average salaries in the Executive/Administrative/Managerial category range from a low of $79,245 in Outreach to a high of $96,708 in the Libraries. In that context, Kirsch's salary does not appear out of line.

While there's no story here, the question of whether Old Main made a reasonable effort to ascertain if any family member of trustees  should have been reported is still open, but  I doubt that we'll ever get answers to that. So this is likely the end of line on this story for this year.

Also see and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for more on this story.
[Updated: 6/11/10 9:30 pm]

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