Friday, June 18, 2010

The Big Ten Expansion: Doing My Part to Keep the Debate Honest

Since the big topic of discussion is whether UNL is up to snuff academically and all sorts of claims will be made about the quality of that institution, I've added the Common Data Set for Nebraska to the list of Big Ten Common Data Sets to the  right. This should help in fact checking the various claims and counter claims about Nebraska's academics.

Speaking of academically up to snuff, Adam has a good piece today on this subject over at As usual, he gets some great quotes. My synopsis of what people told Adam: Of course, Nebraska is academically weak, but so was Penn State when we joined the Big Ten and look at us now; It's perfectly understandable that us loose lipped faculty weren't consulted, because these things are too important to trust us with; Yeah, it would have been nice to have an academic powerhouse like Virginia...c'est  la vie. You want to add more teams to the league? Ain't goin'a happen on my watch.

I might have more on the particulars found in Adam's piece latter. Or I may not. It depends on how the weekend plays out.

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