Friday, June 25, 2010

The Big Ten Draws the Attention of the IRS

Someone in an IRS office outside of Washington, DC  searching on the keywords "Big Ten Expansion"  landed  on Left of Centre today.  The searcher  took a few minutes to read the posts On the Big Ten Expansion and a Toothless Faculty Senate and The Big Ten Expansion:Athletic Tail Wags Academic Dog  and was on his  merry way.

This piqued my interest.  Was it a government bureaucrat and college sports fan killing some time on a summer Friday afternoon or was this guy doing his  job? And if the search was job related , what job was it exactly the bureaucrat was doing? So I did my own search on the same string and it may be that the IRS guy was working on this.
Iowa's two U.S. senators are asking Big Ten Conference officials to disclose their expansion plans and release financial information about the league's cable television network.

Republican Chuck Grassley and Democrat Tom Harkin made the request in a June 10 letter they sent to Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany....In the letter, Grassley and Harkin questioned how the Big Ten's expansion efforts fit with its nonprofit status. Grassley is the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees tax-exempt organizations.
Well, it's good to see that I'm not the only one concerned with big time college sports raiding federal coffers. And I hope my posts helped him to begin to dismantle the tax break for big time college sports. Hey, I guy can dream can't he?

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