Friday, October 23, 2009

Prescient, If I Say So Myself

During Spring semester of this year, the Collegian held a design contest for this football season's White Out t-shirt.  When Onward State posted an announcement of the winning design (picture below the fold), I was flabbergasted. Here's the comment I posted there.
Isn’t the graphic a bit too suggestive of Xtian cross for a team with a lion as a mascot?
Well, it appears that I wasn't the only one to have basically this reaction. The Collegian reports today that
The 2009 White House T-shirt's cross-like design has spurred complaints from organizations and alumni, including requests that the shirt be taken off of store shelves.
There's not much point in raising a stink about this now with most of the season behind us, but perhaps next year they could work a crescent, a star of David or a pentagram into the design to make amends.

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